Opening American politics up to third parties would be a good move, amirite?

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I learned about that today o.O

third parties are more like a leech used to suck up votes from the 2 main parties.

There was only like 1 time a 3rd party candidate was elected as president right?

Have you ever heard of the spoiler effect? If you haven't look up CGPGrey on youtube. He explains political stuff and such.

:2 "3rd party" (independent) presidents have been elected. That's due to the fact that the "Independent Party" type hasn't been around for too long, so most people are still warming up, or are uninformed about the whole concept.
:Thing is, most of the third party candidates have the best of both of the other 2 parties, but don't really have the money to fund a huge campaign, so it's hard for them to get elected. It's kind of a shame, cause I believe that they could really help the country out the right way.

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It already is...?

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