In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, each kid is supposed to represent a rising problem in today's youth. Mike Teavee watches too much T.V., Augustus Gloop eats like a pig, and Veruca Salt is spoiled. However, Violet Beauregarde's problem of obsessive gum chewing is stretching it, amirite?

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I think the point of Violet's problem was that she was obsessed with competition. Maybe I'm wrong.

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@Favvkes that's only in the 2005 movie...

In the older one she talks about how she has a world record and it makes her best friend jealous.

@Favvkes that's only in the 2005 movie...

It was actually in the book as well. Violet was a competitive gum-chewer, and was aiming to break the world record.

pun intended ;)

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I think that, during the time that movie was written, chewing gum was considered horribly tacky and very "American", and the world has a history of hating all things American. It's the same idea behind sex-hormone chewing gum in Brave New World.
Also, http://ctrlv.in/62924

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I always thought that it was her being rude and inconsiderate as her problem.

The idea in the book is that she is too competitive. Both films addressed this, the first not so obviously.

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You haven't met my roommate!

I would love to inflate into a blueberry like Violet even if i couldn't go back to normal afterwards because i think that would feel amazing to inflate. But i also have an inflation fetish :/

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@dini190 WTF did I just read?

It's called an inflation fetish...its where Someone (like Me) finds it arousing when someone (like Violet) inflates. Or sometimes it can be certain body parts inflating...look it up its kinda weird but then again, so am i :/

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