When you hack someone's Facebook, it's a total waste to put something like "I'm gay" as their status. I mean, of all the funny, sad, evil, awesome things you could post, you waste it by putting something totally unoriginal and boring. It's pretty anti-climactic, amirite?

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I did this recently. I put a very long coming out status that thanked all of his friends for support. Multiple people believed it. Then I got down to business. I changed his name to Oprah Odonnel Winfree. I said he worked at an Al Qaeda training camp with a new project "9/11/12". I posted on every Smith's wall that he was friends with "You're my favorite smith". Same thing with another name I'm forgetting. I messaged one girl telling her she was really pretty and begged for nudes. I accepted a friend request from a girl he's been avoiding like crazy. I added every girl on Facebook named Laquisha and was going to put up a status "I love you Laquisha", but they never accepted. Oh yeah, I also changed his profile picture to Justin Beiber and his time line cover to One Direction. There was more, but I forget.

The best thing to do is change their settings so all their statuses and posts are "Only Me". See how long it takes them to notice no one's replying...

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i made a friend change to timeline... he was not happy.

Yes, because taking advantage of the fact that they left you alone with their computer is totally the definition of hacking.

One of my friends got his facebook hijacked. Instead of simply putting "I'm gay," this person put something like "I finally managed to come out to my dad today. It feels like a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders."

I think a few people actually fell for it.

The best is to do damage that they won't notice at first. Make them "like" every single one of their own profile pictures, go to an ex girlfriend's page and like a status from a few years ago, change their "about me" info (which most people don't update/check regularly) and make them a fan of Twilight, mess around with their privacy settings, ect. People will see all of this and think they're a fucking weirdo but when they log on nothing will look noticeably different. hehe evil laughter

I usually just send a hot but stuck up girl a message along the lines of "Hey, its hard for me to say this, but i think i love you. The way you walk, talk, smell, and feel make me have butterflies. Looking at you through your window gives me such jollies. Especially when you comb your hair late at night... " etc etc etc. Then in a day i tell him so he can explain the message if they dont respond lol

I didn't hack, my friend just left his account logged in on my laptop. I liked 69 different Justin Bieber pages from his profile and didn't tell him.

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I just change their birthday to either the day I'm on their account or the next day. That way they'd get tons of "HBD!" posts and would have to explain everything. You guys are so original though. I'm definitely going to try some of these ideas out, haha.

I made him like Nickelback haahahahah

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I like commenting on loads of people's making them look like a weirdo posts because they never notice that until someone else comments, which could be days later. Also i go onto a random friend's page and add all their friends. I did that to my friend over a month ago and she's still getting friend requests accepted from complete strangers

@Fv92 I like commenting on loads of people's making them look like a weirdo posts because they never notice that until...

Also it's funny to make their profile exactly the same as someone else's, including changing their name and tagging them in the same photos

I got onto someone's computer at school and the only thing I did was change her background to a picture of a vacuum cleaner. I am so lame!

If it's someone I don't like, I change their log-in details and delete all their friends.

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