Everyone that's single on Valentine's Day really shouldn't be so sad, its national ferris wheel day, too. So lets hear it for the ferris wheels, amirite?

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It's not fun to be a single rider on a ferris wheel. You're welcome.

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Haha XD I love this! That gives me two things to be somewhat happy about. My birthday and National Ferris Wheel Day!!! :D

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The first thing I was reminded of by this post is the Ferris Wheel event with N in Pokémon Black/White
Which is kinda awkward if you play as a male

I'm single and I'm terrified of ferris wheels.

I just can't catch a break.


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It's also national organ donor day ~

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@Xx_loliana_xX It's also national organ donor day ~

While we're busy telling people things about February 14th no one cares about: It's also the day Oregon became the 33rd US state in 1859.

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why do i feel like this is from a show? ned's declassified maybe?

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