As annoying as it is to listen to someone in your class who has difficulty reading, it's really sad to think that at that age they still aren't able to get through a sentence without sounding things out, amirite?

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Reminds me of something: At our school, midway through the year, we change classes. Meaning, we have new classmates and our periods change. So, I was paired up in Lit class with this girl I never met and we were instructed to read a chapter out loud in partners. It was her turn to read and she was reading really slow, and she was stumbling over most of the words. After she finished reading her paragraph, I read and then it's her turn to read again. After seeing the trouble she was having before, I offer to just read the entire chapter while she listens. She nodded and said I could, but I could see in her eyes she was really embarrassed. And I read pretty fast so I kind of felt bad for some reason. I assume she has dyslexia, but I'm not sure.

/cool story

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I'm dyslexic and sometimes I stumble over words. It's not their fault that they have a disability or even if they don't have a disability they probably weren't taught correctly. No kid wants to fail no matter how much they might act like it.

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Well some of them do have disabilities which is something they can't really help. :/

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