If you think back to every person you have dated or crushed really hard on, you see some kind of similarity in personality between all of them, or at least most.. Congratulations, you just realized you have a "type". amirite?

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Oh my god... They're all women!

implying I dated anybody

Ram27s avatar Ram27 Yeah You Are +30Reply

Except lol no. I've liked and dated a diverse array of guys

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@Except lol no. I've liked and dated a diverse array of guys

Ah, but they were all guys. Clearly that's your type.

They're all out of my league.

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all hilarious

With a few exceptions: white kids with brown eyes and dark hair. Make me laugh or think.

I can't really see any similarities.

Cute, smart-ish but don't apply themselves in school. Funny. Sarcastic.

cherryblasters avatar cherryblaster Yeah You Are 0Reply

I'm asexual and haven't ever had a crush on anyone, so HA! I fooled you!

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I honestly don't a "type." Some guys I've crushed on have been suspended from school multiple times, and others are complete nerds.

Shuns avatar Shun No Way 0Reply

All funny... that's about it

All the guys I've liked since my very first crush have been my best friend at that time.

overachievers. Damn.

I have dated 3 guys. All completlely different.
1st- Complete adorable dork that I loved.
2nd- Complete asshole that abused me.
3rd- Girl.
Err.. No similarities there.

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