You used to be a bad ass pencil thief in elementary school, amirite?

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Mechanical pencil = JACKPOT

fuustoleits avatar fuustoleit Yeah You Are +2Reply

I used to steal pencils, but then I would always have them stolen from me. So I wasn't so much a thief as an accomplice.

FredWeasleys avatar FredWeasley Yeah You Are +1Reply

I still had good morals in elementary :) haha

Nah, I was always the kid who got their pencil stolen.

Although once I had to write my name on a paper in middle school, so I borrowed the nearest pencil (fully intending to give it back), and the girl who owned it BITCHED. ME. OUT.

Now im a pen thief

Jonesys avatar Jonesy Yeah You Are 0Reply

Psh, I stole from the teacher.

eldoritos avatar eldorito Yeah You Are -1Reply