It's ironic how a pepper's spiciness, a biological defense mechanism that deters predators from eating it, actually makes humans want to eat it, amirite?

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inb4 nacklefoodle

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@Favvkes inb4 nacklefoodle

Actually, many humans as well cannot handle the spiciness of a pepper. When you say "humans" you refer to the entire world's population, but in reality a lot of people in the world would rather not eat a pepper. It's the same as me saying "All Americans are stupid", which is true, but people on this site would get offended because they think that I mean everybody in America, when I actually mean the large majority. The same goes for the phrase "All Americans stereotype Russians". Again, not all of them, but the large majority.

In conclusion, a pepper may be too spicy for someone to eat and you should word your posts better so you don't offend anybody.

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I think a lot of people just pretend they like spicy things so they can feel superior.

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