When your trying to be mice and ask the kid who's sitting alone at lunch to come sit with you and they say no it makes you feel really bad about yourself, amirite?

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I personally prefer trying to be a hamster to be honest.

Really? I try to be a guinea pig.

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I'm more of a hedgehog guy myself.

Woodchucks have always been my thing.

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i was a shy kid so i used to say no when people asked me to sit with them because it was always a prank and they made fun of me for thinking they would even want to be my friend. thank the fucking gods i moved away from that school.

lets name all the small mammals because of a typo

umm sometimes they dont sit with you because theyve been let down soo many times that they cant trust anyone :) ever thought about that


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Ya once I was sitting with my friends at lunch and a kid was sitting alone a couple seats
Over so I scooted to sit right I'm front of him and instead of talking to me he takes my seat where I originally was!

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Yes, well, your feelings aren't exactly our priorities in those moments.

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Shut up people, it's a typo, get over it

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