You hate when people think they know the lessons in school. Today in health my teacher asked "why do people put beans in their ears." my answer was, "because their stupid," which was a good answer but my friend knew the lesson was about drugs so he said "to calm them down." that answer is stupid and he thought it would be great because the lesson was about drugs, but really who would do that. amirite?

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^ im pretty sure it wasnt the lesson that was on drugs...

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I clicked on comments hoping to see I'm not the only one confused. Thank god.

From the same OP that brought us futur time macnes.

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I guess you had to be there...

What the heck? What the hell do beans have to do with calming a high person? Did the teacher give you all drugs to demonstrate or something....?

Translation: I really hate those obnoxious students who think they know what the lesson in class is about. Today in health class (side not: this feels very MLIAish) my teacher asked "Why would someone put beans in their ears?" To which I retorted wittily "Because they are stupid." My friend knew that the lesson for class was about drugs so he tried to be intellectual and cool by saying "To calm them down." I think this answer is stupid so I'm going to make a sensless post on Amirite and mind fuck everyone.

Well, you call people stupid and yet you use the incorrect form of "they're"... tsk tsk

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I don't know if you're right or not. The elves in my brain are still trying to unscramble what you just said.

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Cool story bro. You should tell it at parties

This would probably be a Top 20 post on MLIA.


If this was in english, maybe you would be right.


This post gave me cancer.

People are starting to put beans in their ears to calm themselves down? I MIGHT NEED TO TRY OUT DIS MOTHERFUCKING REMEDY THEN!!!!^%!

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