Although no one really uses film cameras anymore, it'd be fun to be the person that develops them: being able to look through everyone's photos. In a non-creepy way of course, amirite?

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This post reminded me of One Hour Photo with Robin Williams. Awesome movie is awesome.

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Walmart mixed up my mom's photos from our disposable cameras. It was really awesome that the person who got our photos recognized us! Then we switched the photos. Yay! Happy story :)

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My friend is a photo specialist at Walgreens. She sometimes sees amateur porn. :/

That was my first job, haha.

I like how you say "in a non-creepy way", like that immediately gets rid of all the creepiness.

I used to do that job, it was horrible. The printer always got jammed and the customers wanted you to move mountains for them. "You ruined my photos!", No you're just a shitty photographer!

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we use film cameras at school in photography class. and we develop the pictures in a dark room.

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