You can't always tell if a person is a dog or a cat person, but horse people are usually pretty obvious, amirite?

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Probably because most horse people never talk about anything else.

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I don't know, I prefer the internet horse people because they're easy to ignore. But my aunty is crazy obsessed and she talks about them more than her children. And tends to whine about money problems and not having time, yet buys more expensive horses.

And I'm forced to listen to her about them.

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yeah but you had to add "love spending time on the farm". thats the thing about horse people. no matter what, horses ALWAYS come up in conversation. you could have just said "I know a lot of horse lovers who are into stuff other than horses"

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me and most of the girls at the barn where i ride are normal people! we party and are on leadership and homecoming court and stuff. we're not crazy freaks who wear riding boots and shirts with horses on them to school

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