It's kind of sad that niceness has become so rare that people mistake it for flirting, amirite?

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This honestly JUST happened. I was telling this girl she was pretty, no matter what her hair colour was, and people jumped on me for flirting STRAIGHT away.

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I like how you say "become" as if this is new. It isn't as if everyone was just delightful hundreds of years ago. In fact, if anything, it was probably worse.

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This happens to my friend a lot...
She's really sweet, and pretty, and has a tendency to mess with people in a way that could be considered flirty. So, she has a lot of guys wanting to date her. SHe has a boyfriend though, so it isn't a great thing XD

Exactly! Another reason the friend zone exists. (reminding your friends that they're just your friends) Friends think you want them because you're being friendly. Or guys think you wanna date them when you say that they're hot. An vice versa like ^

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