When you were a kid and you were refereeing a race of some kind, saying, "Ready..set..GLOW!" Or something of that sort and watching the racers lurch forward before slowly walking back to the starting line was the funniest thing ever, amirite?

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I said "Ready, set, GOAT!" and I still crack up when it happens

Ready..set... G-NOOO.

JAYwalkers avatar JAYwalker Yeah You Are +3Reply

Ready, set, GOrilla! Got them every time.

HappyAsASams avatar HappyAsASam Yeah You Are +3Reply

Go on three! One... Two... Two and a half...
I always cracked up at myself, while my friends stared at me like I was an idiot. (To be fair, I kinda was. But who isn't?)

Bloons avatar Bloon Yeah You Are +2Reply

We would drag it out, then yell: "Wait!" Instead of "Go!"

Deathelfs avatar Deathelf Yeah You Are +2Reply

I rolled with ready... Steady.... Spaghetti! Such a trickster

Glen_Coco4s avatar Glen_Coco4 Yeah You Are +1Reply

i yelled ready set gummy bears

lilobamas avatar lilobama Yeah You Are 0Reply

Never in my life. I feel like I missed out.

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