The younger kids and their parents these days are just too sensitive. You can't do or say anything anymore without it being considered bullying or "too hurtful". It's up to us to save the world from this cry-baby generation and raise our kids to be thick-skinned, bad ass mother fuckers, amirite?

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Name all the boys Sue.

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I'm going to make my children watch Gladiator and call it their training video.

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did anyone else read the article about the cheer-leading coach that got fired by such a crybaby and their daddy?


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Meaning: (Regional slang) 1. Highly pompous, bombastic (speech). 2. Showing off, ostentatious, pretending to be above one'sstation in life, putting on airs. Notes: The amazing thing about high-falutin' is that is not a high-faluting word itself for it is always pronounced with a regional twang—high-falutin'. However, it has survived long enough to be treated as a legitimateword thatmaybe pronounced standardly, high-faluting, if it makes you feel better. It may be used as an adverb with or without any doctoring: "Benny can talk as high-falutin' as any of them. In Play: This word is not only slang but slang used predominately in the southern US states.

In short, it's a made up word only used in the south. Even then, it's quite rare to hear.

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Like the Spartans >=D

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Before going too far with this, just remember how you'd feel if your on the recieivng end of crap. Espeically if your thinking of ganging up against soemone because their too soft or some other social darwinist bullshit. Don't use this as an excuse to abandonedempathy.

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