All it takes is one mildly interesting or entertaining link/post/search/video, and the next thing you know you have 30 tabs open and it's 5:00 in the evening. amirite?

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interesting post on amirite*


Big_Bosss avatar Big_Boss Yeah You Are +3Reply
@Big_Boss *morning

No. It's past morning.

iceeselenawizs avatar iceeselenawiz Yeah You Are 0Reply
@iceeselenawiz No. It's past morning.

It's actually been about 3 days... But they're not sure, they've lost track of the number of days passed about 4 moons ago.

remags avatar remag Yeah You Are -3Reply

Lol. 5...

EarthwormJims avatar EarthwormJim Yeah You Are 0Reply
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