Girls with small boobs: it's kinda annoying now, but at least they won't be saggy later, amirite?

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The grass isn't always greener on the other side. Having big boobs sucks sometimes!

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@The grass isn't always greener on the other side. Having big boobs sucks sometimes!

And just think: they're probably going to be saggy later.

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Sorry to break it to you, but it is a myth that small boobs can't sag, because what causes sagging is the tissue and liggements that hold up the boobs become weaker. It however is less noticeable because there is less of them to sag in the first place.

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"saggy" is slightly different from "sagging"

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People don't always speak in a manner where words are used exactly as you should, and anyone who automatically takes them as "the correct meaning" instead of the normal way is just an obnoxious douchebag.

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@Im not an obnoxious douchebag just because I read something and take it literally.

Well then, I hate to bring out my own douchebaggery, but you can't be that intelligent because the majority of the time people don't speak literally.

Wow, so many anonymous people claiming to have big boobs on this post.

Girls with big boobs: They're really annoying now, and they'll just get saggy later. Amirite?

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I would think that massive knockers would be annoying because they cause back problems.

It doesn't matter how small your boobs are. If you're a girl, you need a bra.

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I have yet to find my small boobs annoying...just easy to deal with.

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I know people who assumed that they didn't have to wear a bra because they had practically no tits. Now it looks like long tea bags.

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