Sometimes it seems like people who stutter have an unfair advantage in arguments, since they have way more time to think up a reply and the other person can't make fun of them without being an asshole. On the other hand if you don't stutter normally and you're having more of an insult off then an argument, stuttering ruins any chance of sounding witty or smooth, amirite?

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They really don't have any more time to make up a reply. They just take longer to say it. They're not thinking of another reply while they're stuttering.

Shut up

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@Shut up

*Shshshshutut upp

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I don't stutter often enough for this to apply to me, but sometimes I'll mumble words so that I have enough time to actually think of something good to say.

Idk if it's just me, but I have a slight stutter which comes and goes. And basically I can say everything but what I want to say without stuttering..... So this whole having more time to think up a better response isn't true. I end up saying never mind a lot in the middle of conversations which pisses people off.. But I don't care as long as I'm not stuttering..

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