It pisses you off when people pay thousands of dollars to fix their teeth with braces and then smile with their mouth closed, amirite?

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nope, because letting other peoples decisions ruin your day is pointless!

I smile with my mouth closed, but I wouldn't consider it wasted because my teeth still look nice when I'm talking.

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It doesn't piss me off, I'm just glad it want my money they spent wasted on dental work.

I'm supposed to have braces because the way my bite is will make it difficult to eat as I get older, braces aren't only for cosmetic reasons.

Could be a force of habit.

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I think braves are a waste of.money either way ... unless of course the state of your teeth is bad enough to affect functionality.

Whats with all the hate, bro?

I got my braces off a month ago and I immediately started smiling with my mouth open, but I can see why people still do the closed mouth thing. You're just so used to hiding your teeth it takes a while to get used to it. It didn't take me a while though. I love my smile!

Well to me the pouint of getting braces is to have a nice smile

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@carrottop7797 Well to me the pouint of getting braces is to have a nice smile

People get braces for other reasons, though. They might have speaking problems or can't clean their teeth properly because of the position of their teeth, it could be difficult for them to eat or they might cause pain. Teeth aren't just seen when smiling anyway, they're seen when speaking.

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