It's kind of annoying how everyone is suddenly jumping on the Hunger Games bandwagon because of the movie. amirite?

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I will never understand you humans. "The thing I like is getting the recognition it deserves and other people really enjoy it too. This SUCKS."

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@Suzywao I will never understand you humans. "The thing I like is getting the recognition it deserves and other people...

I think it's because people assume that YOU only like it because of the film or whatever which can be extremelly annoying if you liked it a long time ago.

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@Suzywao Why would that be annoying?

Because people will think/talk about you the same way you think/talk about the new fans... I really don't see where I'm going with this, so I'll stop.

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that awkward moment when someone who has never read the hunger games books makes a status counting down til the movie and you just can't find your shovel to hide their body

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The worst part is that the 'fans" are only paying attention to the romance and are turning it into Twilight with the whole "Team Peeta/Gale" thing >:U

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@TheStormyFlutist The worst part is that the 'fans" are only paying attention to the romance and are turning it into Twilight with...

My friends and I had arguments over that before Mockingjay came out. All we talked about for a month or so was Hunger Games, so of course we talked about Katniss' love interest, and we did take sides.

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At the risk of sounding incredibly hipster here...I loved the hunger games when the first book just came out.

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I can't get behind this... The movie was not made only for the people who have read the books. I did not read the books when they first came out and I'm not ashamed. All of the comments above, so quick to seek validation from other fans are so silly - "I liked it first, so I like it more." I'm a huge fan of the musical Hair, but because I didn't see the original production in the 60s it doesn't count? We need to eliminate this, almost, hierarchy within fandoms. It's not necessary!

I'm only annoyed since I had to wait almost a year in between the books. I just want other people to suffer like I did.

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Yeah, I read those books in the summer of 2010 then suddenly everyone started reading them

@Don't be such a hipster.

I knew someone was going to say that. Rest assured, I'm not a hipster. Far from it actually. Though my comment was kind of hipster-like.

God I know. Isn't it so annoying how people like me just heard about this series and are now reading and enjoying it?

I didn't even know The Hunger Games was a book until a few weeks ago. I thought it was some weight loss reality show. I thought a movie based off a reality show was dumb.

Not to be a hipster, and I know it's been said before, but it's because I'm so incredibly selfish with books and music. When I like something that no one really knows about, it's all mine and it's special. But when it becomes super popular, like the hunger games did, suddenly I have to share my special favorite book with millions of people. And the selfish little kid in me hates that.

Always happens

And most hipster post of the day goes to...

I don't think its annoying.
Just because someone just heard of the books and is enjoying them, or just simply wants to see the movie, I don't get how it annoys anyone.

I'm only annoyed because three years ago I told so many people to read The Hunger Games and they didn't listen to me. Now those same people have been going crazy over the books for the past few weeks and it's just annoying :/

Same as Harry potter

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I started reading the series when mockingjay came out, due to all the hype about it, so I jumped on the book-bandwagon then, and now it feels like imma be on the movie one too.. But still a great series, hopefully it won't be f'ed up too bad like twilight or some other book/movies transitions.

restraining hipster urges
My friend just read the first book only two weeks ago, and she gets to meet some of the actors as well as go to the midnight premiere. Not fair.

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Don't worry guys, it's just an anon.

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Especially because they weren't that great of a series anyways.

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