We all have that one teacher who's always like: "Don't pack up yet. There's still 27 seconds of class left..", amirite?

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mine takes it as far as "I still have 5 seconds left!" haha

My math teacher is usually straining to finish an example after the bell rings. He's always like, "Give me 20 seconds, then you can go," meanwhile the bell has already rung.

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Everybody here ignores the teachers like that.
Like, whatever you say 30 seconds before that bell rings will not reach us because we are preoccupied with just standing around doing nothing

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Like you totally didnt steal this from memegenerator

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I had a professor last semester who did that. I was always just thinking, "I'm paying to go to college here, you can't make me stay if I don't want to." But, she was the type who would give random pop quizzes if too many people left early, so I was always afraid to leave.

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It was like that in High School, but in college most of the teachers let us out 5-10 minutes before class ends. I even had a teacher that would let us out 15-20 minutes early every day.

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