Nice people: It's comforting to think about the successful marriage you're going to have, amirite?

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foreveralone smilie

Drewts avatar Drewt No Way +17Reply

Hopefully have*
Assuming makes an ass out of me...
and keeps me single

Jonesys avatar Jonesy Yeah You Are +11Reply

Who says that nice people always have successful marriages? I know a lot of nice people who are stuck in a bad relationship for some reason. Plus, there are a lot of douchebag families - they're not nice to others, but they are happy together.

P.S. I've been writing too much essays these days, sorry...

Looool I'm not getting married.

Clay_s avatar Clay_ No Way +3Reply
@Clay_ Looool I'm not getting married.

same but on the other hand i'm not known as a nice person so i cant vote sigh

I wanted to vote yes but I'm kind of an asshole.

LittleReds avatar LittleRed Yeah You Are +1Reply
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