More teachers should take responsibility for students failing their class or a test. Obviously if a large number do fail, then they taught the material terribly, and they should try to teach it better next time rather than just saying it's the student's fault because he/she didn't study. amirite?

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One of my math teachers was fired because his entire class failed except one kid, and he foot a 70.

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My math teacher always says stuff like "I have seen 90% averages drop to 75% averages in this unit, you need to study." but I think that he needs to teach better.

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Or maybe that's just the hardest material in the course. There's no way to teach algebra so it's as easy as arithmetic.

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My health teacher fucked up the test and told us it was our problem, we could figure it out. When he handed it back he even said we knew the material but we got points off because the the test was messed up, but he didn't do anything about it.

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