To err is human. To not know what to err means is American, amirite?

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And to make jokes about how dumb Americans are to make up for their own incompetence is European.

to generalize is stupid.

I don't know what it means.
Too lazy to look it up.


Yeah because Americans are the only people in the world who don't know what it means.

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ono smilie how close minded can you be?

"To err is human is the first line of the expression "to err is human, to forgive divine." The expression has many different meanings, but essentially means that people tend to make mistakes, but it is a much more desirable quality to be able to forgive people for the mistakes that they make."

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Or any nationality that doesn't speak English (deh heh heh)

I mean I thought it was funny...

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Is it bad that I have never once heard that expression, like, ever?

I am American, and I know what it means.
... But I still smiled when I read this.

Lol at the comments.
I still dont get it though. :/

Now you're just being racist!

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some would argue that it is, but either way this post is ignorant and offensive.

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Guys, you do know I'm american, right?

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@GryndStone Guys, you do know I'm american, right?

Honestly, the joke wasn't that bad. I don't see why people are shitting themselves over it.

Damn. It's a joke, guys.

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