It'd be great if everyone had rage rooms! 30 yd. by 30 yd. of blank white sound proof room. There'd be a layer behind it so you could break the first one in rage. You'd have paint and a few weapons and two dummies filled with fake blood that would be replaced each week. When you were mad out of your mind just run in there shut the door and rampage. There would be speakers that would only play, dark rap, heavy metal and dubstep (which ever you choose). Pretty good idea for people with tempers, amirite?

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I would pay good money for this

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@Catbaaned I would pay good money for this

People do pay money to let out their anger in whatever ways, but don't it violently doesn't actually make you feel better in the long run

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It's not like people can be in the rage room with you, that's terribly unsafe. but having a room alone to just let out all anger would be great to me!

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Except the shitty music

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Crap... still some grammatical errors...

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two of my amirite idols nw'd it and 1 yya'd it... :\

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