The universal world language should be sign language. You don't have to worry about accents, it's a language without an associated ethnicity, it's easy to pick up the signs, and the signs make sense. Amirite?

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I think Favvkes has a thing against people who are missing limbs.

A good universal language would need to be readable and writable.

Also, there isn't a universal sign language. "Hundreds of sign languages are in use around the world and are at the cores of local deaf cultures"

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I think what Favvkes is trying to say here isn't that it should be the only language, but that we should all learn it to make international communication easier for the common man.

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but then you would have to have a common language to base the sign language off of.

This broke my heart because I LOVE learning new languages. Every language is so unique and reflects its own culture. And it would be impossible to condense all the colorful expressions of every language into one.

It should be Latin. Lots of languages are already based on Latin, and it's a dead language so no country could claim superiority.

It makes sense, I guess, but if we were ever going to adapt the entire world to one language, I wouldn't personally base it off hand gestures. What if you're doing something else with your hands and want to talk to someone, such as writing, or carrying something? I would base it off something simplistic and terraced, such as Latin.

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You do realize that most languages have their own sign language? Even ASL isn't the same as British Sign Language. You'd have to use International Sign, but as commenters have already said, you'd have no form of written language.

Yes but then blind people would be excluded.

There are hundreds of different sign languages, and TONS of different dialects/accents within those languages.

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I have a habit of signing when I talk anyways. Even if the person I'm talking to doesn't know ASL, a lot of the motions are fairly easy to interpret. It makes life a bit easier for someone with a very deep, quiet voice like myself.

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Why not make wider use of Esperanto? What do people think?

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I still think it should be English, cos English is already the most widely (not the most popular, just most countries have a considerable number of English speakers) If you know more than one language, one of them is most probably English. I'm not saying we should implement it now, just that if we do get an international language, it should be English. Especially with aliens, if they exist. They're probably going to the US first, and people will be talking to them in their language or in English.

@Fv92 Why would they go to the US first?

No matter what you say, the US is the unofficial capital of the world. Most of the biggest companies are US companies, They are a superpower, they are they only ocuntry to have access to B2 Spirits and several other high-tech war stuff. If you were a space faring race visiting a primitive civilisation, would you not go to the place that looks the most advanced?

I'd love a common language, and I truly hope it will not be English. But make its main part sign language because it's accent proof? Absolutely not. Humans are built to talk. Honestly, a sign language implementation wouldn't be bad. Not the base.

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