It's stupid how only elementary school math teachers have a Pi Day celebration. Pi has plenty of applications in Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus too! Amirite?

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Unit Circle!

I'm on Spring Break so we can't celebrate Pi day. If I was at school I'm sure my geometry teacher would have something planned.

I celebrated Pi day in my Composition class today and I honestly have no idea why.

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Every other math class in my school celebrated Pi Day, except mine. We had our chapter test. Everyone else made Pi shirts and bracelets and wasted the day :(

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ha we celebrated it today! We all brought some round food and ate it in our pre-calc class. And then we solved problems only relating to circles.

I never celebrated in elementary school, but we did in algebra I and geometry, not in trig though, but then again all the calculus teachers celebrate.

My AP stats class had a pi day celebration. :) Our school also had a fundraiser to raise money for a charity where we donated money into jars with selected teachers' names. We then had an assembly for the entire high school, and the teacher whose jar contained the most money got a pie in the face... in front of everyone. :)

We only celebrated pi day in Geometry. Never elementary school.

Our entire high school does a pi day, well, thingy, all day long. We had to have it last Friday because of break, but each period, they get teachers or guests to do a presentation in the auditorium about some math related topic, and about half the teachers take their classes to see it instead of class. I ended up having 2 classes out of a usual 7. The presentations were pretty cool, they had a robot that shot baskets and one of the teachers showed all the geometry behind his martial arts. And a statistics class had a video that somehow related statistics to a varsity football player doing a squat with our ex marine drill sergeant of a vice principal on his back.

We sang songs and ate oatmeal pies in my pre-calc class

We celebrated it early because of spring break. My calculus class had a competition to see who could memorize the most digits of pi. Thisisphoenix got to 101.
We also had to make pi shirts and bring round food to class.

My AP Calculus class celebrated Pi day. Our teacher gave us 3 minutes and 14 seconds to memorize as many digits of pi as possible and the winner got a mini pie tart. Then she gave them out to the rest of us and told us that there was a school-wide competition for the best haiku about pi and that the winner would get a t-shirt with the pi symbol on it.

Our high celebrated it! Almost all the teachers wore shirts with the Pi symbol on it, even the art teachers and LA teachers!! Only the junior high kids got to eat actual pie though...

*high school

We had a school wide pi day celebration in middle school. Who ever memorized the most digits of pi got to through a pie in the principals and vps face. A girl got 200 something. That's commitment.

Um I'm a junior and we brought circle food found the circumfrence and ate

I had a math competition on Pi Day and the people running the competition brought us all pie between two of the rounds.

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