You should only have sex if youre mature enough to understand the consequences of it. 13, 14 and even 15 year olds are NOT mature enough to grasp what they are doing. Yes we realize you have hormones, go masterbate. amirite?

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What about all those people in their 20's that get shitfaced and have one-night-stands? They don't act in a mature, responsible manner... far from understanding the consequences. They're more likely to fuck everything up than the young teenagers who decide they're ready. You can't determine a person's maturity on their age alone.

ahahha woowww...i'm so tired of people thinking that if you're a teenager you're "not mature enough to understand the consequences of sex" uhmmm no. so you're saying if you actually have deep feelings for the person you're with, you use protection everytime, and you're emotionally ready to have sex, you're not "mature enough to understand it" because you're only 15? There isn't a certain age that everyone suddenly matures and is ready to have sex. Get your head out of your ass please.

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I know some people well over 20 who should not have sex ! ;)

What do you think sex is that a 15 year old can't grasp? Not saying they should do it, but it's not much more complex than what teenagers can understand.

Also, the heap paradox, look it up.

I agree with the general message of this post but you need to realize that age is not the same as maturity. People mature at different rates. Some can handle a relationship (and sex) in their early teens, and some not even in their early twenties. No, kids shouldn't be having sex until they're ready, but there isn't some magical age that makes you mature enough.

@nowayitsjessi I agree with the general message of this post but you need to realize that age is not the same as maturity. People...

Your point is agreeable, but consider the sorts of 14/15-year-olds who are bragging about having sex. They definitely do not seem to be on the mature end of the spectrum, and thus are deservedly ridiculed for their stupidity and their lack of ability to understand the gravity and ramifications of their actions.
Perhaps it was not explicitly stated, but it should be inferred from the OP's statement that the "mature 14/15-year-olds," while rare, are excluded from argument, even though the statement appears to be generalized to include all 14/15-year-olds.

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I don't trust you. Mostly due to the fact that you can't spell masturbate. That, and it's not like there is some magic age where you become mature enough for sex. I'm not saying i think 13 year olds, or even 14 year olds should have sex. I do think that if a 15 or 16 year old has been in a relationship for quite some time, then it's OK to have sex if they are ready. If it is just some fling, then I think it is wrong, but if not, then I think it's fine.

I think it depends on the people and how mature they are.

Teenagers shouldnt have sex.

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I'd have agreed with you if you didn't continue too say 15. Even though 15 is early i am certain that some people would be ready. I was more mature than your average person at that age but i'd say my maturity and understanding didn't change much from 15 to 17 to be frank, so i don't see how having sex at 15 would be wrong.

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Learn how to spell and although there's no magic age, 99% of 15, 16, 17 and 18 year olds aren't mature enough tp have sex either.

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Also, you should know how to spell "masturbate" before you go telling people to do it.

I don't think the probleis that 15 year olds are possibly not mature enough to emotionaly handle sex. But the fact that even if they ARE and understand the possible consequences is that if those concequences were to happen who would be taking care of the child? Certainly a 15 year old doesn't make any income and is not at an age where they can even partialy support a child. That is where I think the "teenagers shouldn't have sex" argument should be. The reason I as a 17 year old don't do anything is that fear of the 1% chance that something would fail and i'd end up pregnant. Sure it'd be enjoyable but its nothing that can't wait since I plan to marry my boyfriend in the future and he feels the same way.

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