Not sure why people post anonymously on here. An account is free. You don't need to be all ninja about it, just pick a username that doesn't give your name away. If you're going to say something "daring" nut up or shut up, amirite?

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Yeah man, I hate Anons...

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@Yeah man, I hate Anons...

Didn't see that one coming. You really caught me off guard. *really hope you got the sarcasm

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i had a few anon posts before I made an account. When i started coming here more often is when I finally decided to make an account.
That or it's just an awkward subject and you don't want people to judge you.

But isn't using a username that doesn't reveal your name and can be replaced in an instant also pretty much anonymous? This could be said of people posting ANYWHERE on the internet without using their legal name.

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I YYA just because of "nut up or shut up".

People can judge me all they want. I don't keep secrets.

I have multiple friends on the site. Some things I'd rather them not know.

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New catch phrase: nut up or shut up

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I can be ninja, or k_ninja. h smilie

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Ah, but some people do this exact thing and are banned excessively for it. Tis a shame. Count yourself lucky if you see this, as it will be deleted in practically no time at all.

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