You understand why people watched the Kony video after it got popular, but you don't get why anyone would watch it before it was popular "Oh, a video about political issues and social networking, I cannot think of a better way to spend half an hour.", amirite?

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I didn't watch it, because it looked really fucking boring.
Also I read somewhere that 70% of the money they make goes on making really expensive "cool" videos.

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Yeah. I think it's a scam.
I saw somewhere that shows the last time Kony was active was in 2006. But, in the video, it makes it seem like it's happening right now.
Also, if only 30% is actually going towards the cause, I wonder where the other 70% is going.

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that's not even true, it's just a rumor and it wasn't him


Honestly, I believe that the whole thing with Jason Russell publicly masturbating and getting drunk was a huge lie from the media. If this is all just a lie, it just goes to show you how fucked up media can be today and that you can't really trust what they have to say.

But if this is all really true, I believe that it's such a sad waste. He inspired so many people to just get out there and was such a great role model.

I saw it when it had like, half a million views. Well, I saw half of it. I saw TWO different people post about it on facebook, and saw it embedded on another site. I was like, "mmm, I guess it's worth watching". Then I stopped watching after they introduced Jacob because it was boring. I didn't even know what it was about.

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