There's always at least one advantage for everything. For example, if you're fat, you can keep warm in Antarctica. Or if you have a small dick, you don't need to hide your boner in public, amirite?

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Or if you're Asian you don't have to squint your eyes in the sun

Blearslyrarers avatar Blearslyrarer Yeah You Are +26Reply

Autism makes me look stupid, but at the same time, I don't care about most people's feelings

or if your black you get an extra muscle.

If you get shot in the face, you won't have on this horrible planet anymore

Being a hippie means you don't have to worry about working.

StickCavemans avatar StickCaveman Yeah You Are +2Reply

If you don't have a fish, you don't have a fish. And that's good.

PurpleZebras avatar PurpleZebra Yeah You Are +1Reply

your the sun the fat should depend on you...

Predys avatar Predy Yeah You Are -2Reply
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