It's hard to be sad on a sunny day and equally hard to be happy on a stormy day, amirite?

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I'm not particularly happy on sunny days because I hate having tan lines and I can't just walk around naked everywhere. And that feeling you get from being sweaty even without moving is horrid. And right now it's some weird autumn thing where it's hot in the day and freezing at night. I'd much more happy and cosy if it was winter, but seasons don't really influence my moods that much, it's just a bit annoying and inconvenient.

If you get great news in winter but you can't be happy because it's winter, you probably have that disorder ^.

Quite the reverse, actually. I fucking hate sunny days.

I love rainy days. I get depressed when I see the weather report and it says sunny days all week. Well, not depressed, but you know what I mean.

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