if women want to be treated equal why cant we punch them in face, amirite?

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Love that! if i was acting like a bitch or if i hit a man i'd expect him to hit me back or if i was hit i'd hit back! some women just want everything.

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oh right, don't you love how feminism is only applied when it's beneficial?

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Girls like to play the victim card >_<

As a woman...hell yea. Not fair in any way.

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Yeah I've thought about this. And if a girl slaps a guy it's like "oh no big deal" but if a guy slaps a girl it's like "OMG WIFE BEATER WIFE BEATER ABUSE ABUSE!"
But, most men are stronger than women, that's just how we're built.

Because that's assault... and assault is illegal.

Who other than a butt nugget would even consider that? Man... you need some serious tazer and I'd be glad to give it.

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