Whenever we see a woman reject a guy after he proposes to her on a large scale like in a baseball game or a flash mob, we automatically sympathize with the man and assume the woman is a bitch. But in reality we don't really know the circumstances of the situation and shouldn't judge anybody until we do; the guy could've been a jackass that the girl was planning to dump later that day, amirite?

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I agree but I think the guy would most likely not be a jackass if he summoned up the courage to actually propose

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Or the girl just doesn't like being put on the spot.

I've always thought that proposing whilst so much attention in placed on you is kind of a mean thing to do. There's so much pressure to say yes and if you don't, you get a whole crowd reacting with gasping and maybe booing. It must be kind of a stressful situation to be put in.

Also, what's wrong with her just not wanting to get married? She could not be ready, he could be moving too fast for her, she might never want to get married, she might want to be focusing on other things (such as a career), or feels she can't afford it, or... just doesn't like the guy enough to marry him? It doesn't have to be somebody's fault. :)

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If he wants to marry her, then he's not the kind of jackass who will screw her and leave. And if he went through all the trouble to do that, she shouldn't just give a flat out no, instead act confused and say she needs to think about it. Or just say yes, but she shouldn't be guilted into doing that, as Sobriquet said.

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