The Hunger Games movie did the book justice, amirite?

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The only problem with the movie that I had was that Rue's relationship with Katniss seemed rushed. In the book, it seemed like they were together forever, but the movie it seemed like they only knew each other for a couple hours. Other than that, I thought it was amazing.

I loved it but whilst watching I felt that some parts may have been a bit vague and confusing for people who didn't read the books or atleast have an idea of the plot. My friend who didn't read the books thought Gale was Katniss' boyfriend and she didn't get the bread thing at all.

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It feels so great to be able to say that about a movie.

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My only problem was that they didn't go into detail about the avox girl.

I wanted to see the part where Katniss received the bread from district 11...

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What was up with the Cornucopia? It looked like the back end of an airplane...

I wanted to see the hovercrafts pick up the dead bodies /: an I think they missed a few cannon shots, idr hearing the cannon when Rue died, or when she killed the kid that killed Rue.

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I felt like the movie was sort of vague, i still loved it, but yea.

I loved the movie!! Besides three parts.. 1) in the book, Peeta is like near death and WAY sicker then he was in the movie 2) Peeta never tells Katniss exactly when he first started loving her 3) At the end of the movie Peeta doesn't find out that Katniss is playing up the romance for the Capitol. I thought those were pretty big things that should've made the movie!

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I thought it was great but Gale didn't seem right. My mom who didn't read the books thought he was a rich snobby boy. He looked way to clean-shaven and wore too nice clothing compared to the rest of the actors.

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People just need to realize it's BASED on the book. It's an ADAPTATION. And as an adaptation, I thought it was awesome. As long as it's entertaining, they don't necessarily need to be exactly the same.

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I absolutely hated the chariot dresses and costumes. Also there were no wolves with eyes of the tributes.

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I thought it was well written in relation to the book, but was I the only one that thought the filming job was terrible?

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@WinniethePooh I thought it was well written in relation to the book, but was I the only one that thought the filming job was terrible?

The tracking shots (and camera shake in general) were a bit excessive... and the cuts were too rough for my liking.

@Fred_Weasley I started thinking that I needed glasses while watching he beginning.

Same here! I was wondering if I had suddenly gotten really drowsy and just couldn't see straight but then my friend (who happens to be extremely prone to motion sickness) almost threw up and I realized that it was, in fact, the movie and not my eyes.

I loved it, it was really amazing! But as mentioned above, I think it was a little confusing to someone one who's never read the books. I had to explain a few stuff to my friend who never read the books because I felt it must be confusing for him, like the fact that it was in the future and there were 12 districts and 2 kids from each district had to participate in "The Hunger Games" and kill each other, even if they do sorta clear things later on in the movie, it still must've been confusing. Also the part with the bread; I was really waiting to see that part but it was too fast and confusing, I'm sure if Katniss didn't later on thank Peeta in the cave and talk about it, no one who hadn't read the books would've understood that part. Also I wish Madge was in the movie. Besides that, the movie was AWESOME! And actually followed the book. Some parts were even better done in the movie than in the book, like Rue's death; that was beautiful, made me cry more than I did while reading the book! /too long, please read

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I had to explain a bunch of stuff to my mom and older brother while we were watching the movie and missed a few scenes because of that. It was pretty decent, not as good as the book but then, they never are. When a scene passed I found myself immediately comparing it to the book to see what was missing from it and the stuff that WAS missing kind of irked me. Like, I REALLY wanted to see Haymitch up on stage at the Reaping all drunk and fall off the stage. When Katniss throws the knife at the wall on the train was totally badass in the book. And the train was nothing like I thought it was going to be. Peeta's dad and Madge didn't go to see Katniss before she left; Madge wasn't even in it. And then the part when they're in the arena and it's announced that there can be two victors? Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Katniss supposed to be up in a tree in her sleeping bag at night when that happened? I'd have to go back and double check, but I'm pretty sure that's when it happened. And after they made the announcement she was supposed to say Peeta's name and then cover her mouth. I was really looking forward to seeing that in the movie. And I thought the cave scene would be longer.

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I agree with most of the commend above bit was disappointed with katniss and peeta's relationship. It seemed rushed and didnt explain how peeta was trying to protect her and just how much he loved her. and they only kissed once in the movie!

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My favorite scene was when the girl from 9 died.

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I really missed Katniss's relationships with Gale and Peeta as they were in the book, but I loved the way the gamemakers were portrayed and Effie was perfect.

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Yeah.. The cave scene should have been longer. Katniss was suppose to loose a lot of blood and Peeta was to nurture her back to health.. And I loved haymitch but wish they put on him falling of the stage and his defining line of "stay alive".. And not as important probably but...Peeta was suppose to get but really bad by the dogs and get a prosthetic leg...

The reason why the movie wasn't such shit was because Suzanne Collins actually wrote the screenplay along with Gary Ross. I feel like if that didn't happen, they would've ruined it. Considering it is an adaptation, I didn't go into the theatre with high expectations but they really surprised me. The movie was extremely close to the book and the feel of it was the same. Of course some parts were left out, and the ending kind of bugged me, but overall, I thought the film was pretty damn good. Can't wait for Catching Fire!

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When Thresh went apeshit on the bitch girl the entire theater I was in burst into applause.

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