Americans these days act like simple day-to-day tasks, like taking out the rubbish, is grueling, backbreaking work. Meanwhile in Africa... amirite?

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Beat me to it.

Sorry but here in America we dont have rubbish

@Blucatt what do you mean?

We don't use that word. We typically call it trash or garbage. Same thing though.

I hate it when people are like "oh the people in Africa.....(insert the ignorant statement here)". Odds are they've never been to Africa, seen firsthand what the people are goin through, so they can't possibly relate and therefore should just keep their mouth shut. I don't know firsthand what Africans have to go through, and that's why I'm not making stupid posts like this one

I live in Africa and complain about taking out the trash as well..
This makes me feel bad about myself. no smilie

Stfu, OP.

Yep, and people in Britain/France/Spain/Germany/Ireland/Greece/Italy NEVER do that.

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It's exactly the same in my part of Africa.

I wouldn't say backbreaking work, maybe an inconvenience, and it's also not only in America. http://amirite.net/708149/1676194

So many things wrong with this post, and yet it has a positive score.

Sorry, that bandwagon already left.

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