School buses would have seat belts, but then they would have to be honest about the seating capacity. Amirite?

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I'm in Jersey and have never seen a bus without.

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Your school bus doesn't have seat belts?

We've always had seat belts on our buses.

Can't recall anyone ever using them, but they were there.

I'm from Florida, and all buses have seat belts, even the really old ones. No one actually wears them though. psshhhh who does that

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if we did that, you wouldn't be allowed to have girls sit on your lap. on bumpy roads, its like a free lap dance, only with more clothes.

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@Captn_Awesome That was an excellent rhyme. And my school would never allow such a thing!

oh wow, i didn't realize that i rhymed. and the teachers at my school don't care.

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I live in California and only the fancy new buses have seat belts

My intermediate school bus had to fit 3 people to a seat in about 10 seats. It sucked. The route was long, too. I was one if the last stops and I was on the bus for about an hour and a half.

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