It's stupid how it's considered Nerdy or Geeky to be a huge starwars fan, but then when they have these over obsessed teenage twihards (twilight fans) it's considered Okaay in alot of peoples opinions. Because twilight is "popular", amirite?

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Urgh. There's a whole bunch of them at my school. Not twihards but those poser nerd chicks... I mean seriously? You use to make fun of me for my glasses and NOW you're wearing them?! BULL-FUCKING-SHIT! -.-'

Star Wars is wickedly awesome :)

May 4th was Star Wars day... May the fourth be with you ;)

Obsessing over Twilight should never be okay. It's the shittiest romance book/movie I have ever had the displeasure to read/watch..

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I'm puzzled. i just don't get how they are so popular. I've read all the books and watched twilight, and I just don't get it.
To me, Twilight was not the best story. I've read much better books, ones that actually have characters that aren't boring.

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Ooops. I feel like an idiot now. XD What I was saying was WAYYYY off topic...
But both of those complaints are totally true. There's a kid at my school who is made fun of because he likes Star Trek not the same thing, I know, but it's generally just as 'geeky' as Star Wars but there's a few girls in my school who don't stfu about Edward but nothing happens to them... WTH?

Same with harry potter

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That's how people are now. Whatever is popular or new is awesome, and whatever is unpopular or outdated/old is dumb to them.

They can be a square robot if they want to. I for one would rather be a groovy alien. ^.^

I'm not going to comment on the content of this post, just the horrible grammar, random capitalizations, odd syntax.

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