It's weird to think that a lot of travelers are coming to your country and taking your currency back home as souvenirs to show to their friends. You're just so used to your own money that you can't imagine anyone treating your $1 bill (or whatever currency you use) as something special. On the other hand, you find it interesting to see how other countries design currency because it's so different from yours, amirite?

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I have an uncle who was born and raised in Nigeria, and he visits there for a few months out of the year.
When I was younger, he gave me and my siblings a 20 bill of whatever currency they have there.
They had really pretty money.

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Euros are so pretty. I visited Ireland last month and still have a bunch of euros left over. I can't get over how much more colorful and unique they are from our American dollars. Ooh, and don't get my started on their coins. Our coins look like shit compared to theirs.

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