You were pissed after reading The Hunger Games Mockingjay at the end when Katniss ended up with Haymitch, and Peeta and Gale went gay and ended up together, amirite?

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Ugh this is a lie guys Katniss dies in the end god

AdonisBatheuss avatar AdonisBatheus Yeah You Are +53Reply
TargetLadys avatar TargetLady Yeah You Are +55Reply
@runnerdude Jesus dies.

Jesus is his own father.

Suzywaos avatar Suzywao Yeah You Are +55Reply
@Suzywao Jesus is his own father.

Harold and kumar make it to white castle

@Qeez he is tyler durden

Frodo destroys the ring

Handsys avatar Handsy Yeah You Are +30Reply
@mr_e neo is the one

Ron marries Hermione.

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@Germany loses.

Hitler gets married.
(to what idiot?)

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@Then he commits suicide.

Soylent Green is people.

@Harper Soylent Green is people.

Twilight ends with an uncensored sex scene between Edward and Jacob while Bella cries in a corner.

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@Handsy Frodo destroys the ring

Gollum destroys the one ring... by accident.

@Suzywao Jesus is his own father.

Princess leia is his sister.

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@runnerdude Jesus dies.

Bruce Willis was a ghost the whole time.

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@Qeez Its a trap!

Captain America misses his date.

@Harper Captain America misses his date.

Sherlock Holmes solves the case.

@Harper Captain America misses his date.

Samuel jackson gets fed up with those monkey fighting snakes on that Monday through Friday plane.

Yeah, that really sucked.

But, in all seriousness, the ending was a bit disappointing...

Treldmans avatar Treldman Yeah You Are +53Reply

I haven't actually read mockingjay yet but by god I hope this happens

colettes avatar colette Yeah You Are +47Reply

Oooooohoho. You had me goin for a second

Chewbanshees avatar Chewbanshee Yeah You Are +44Reply

What can I say? GALE IS GREAT IN BED!

Peeta_Mellarks avatar Peeta_Mellark Yeah You Are +10Reply

Are you kidding? Peegale for life<3

That was the best ending (,: lol no but i loved the ending, i almost cried from happiness... (x

blonde_zoes avatar blonde_zoe Yeah You Are 0Reply

That might actually make the books tolerable.

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