The world would be a lot skinnier if we paid for food with calories. Like if something was 100 calories, you had to do jumping jacks or something to burn off those calories amirite?

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And what about when we bought groceries?
"Excuse me ma'am I'm going to have to ask you burn 15,000 calories before you can leave"

We would also be dead from malnourishment, if we burned off every calorie that we ate. (:

@saxybandgeek That's why you grow your own food.

Oh, you're saying that you only trade the calories for processed/store-bought food, that makes more sense.

.... Or if the dollar amount we paid was equal to the number of calories in it's serving. No one wants to pay 200 dollars for a bag of chips.

In a world when people eat responsibly, everyone would do this. I mean, that's what you're supposed to be doing isn't it?

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That'd be so intresting if we could make it work with energy too. That way we could produce clean energy from our excersing and get in shape.

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