Maybe American culture would appreciate intelligence and academics more if TV shows and movies would stop telling people that those who work hard and care about their grades as losers, amirite?

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I never thought about it, but now it seems so obvious. Smart people are always portrayed as unfashionable people in their parents' basement with no social skills that end up virgins well into their 40s, when that's not the case in reality. Which explains everything.

If I recall, there IS such a thing as an "intellegence-negative" culture, it's something that, in social activism circles, comes up occassionally. Intellegent people are often shown as being awkward, unable to socialise, unattractive, reclusive, naive, unhealthy; "nerdy" basically. "Sophisticated" intellectuals are often intimidating, cold and pompous.
I believe it's under more scrutiny these days, but it is a problem sociologists have noticed - like with everything else, children absorb and internalise what they are shown often, and they are constantly bombarded with the message that being an intelligent child makes you weird and friendless. And then parents wonder why their kids aren't keen to learn.
East Asian cultures are intellegence-positive, so people who live or grew up there are more likely to internalise THOSE morals (however, due to Westernisation, this is diluted somewhat).

EDIT: Damn, I did try to find some articles on this, but I can't seem to remember the term that describes this mentality. Sorry about that. :(

As someone who has lived in the US their whole life, I have never heard anyone say people who work hard/care about their grades in order to guarantee a succesful future are losers. Quite frankly, I feel this is just another diss on American education and/or ignorance. Geographic location is not directly proportional to vale of work ethic.

@Frank_n_Furter As someone who has lived in the US their whole life, I have never heard anyone say people who work hard/care about...

Just to clarify, I live in the US too. But when was the last time an American got disowned for getting a B?

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One word: Big Bang Theory

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