Teachers should let us type our papers on typewriters so that we don't get so distracted by Facebook and everything when we write papers, amirite?

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I could just imagine how many times my fingers would get stuck between the letters...

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I don't see why they would object to it. In fact, it might actually work. Do companies male typewriters anymore?

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Sorry, do companies MAKE typewriters anymore?


Female, rather

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I like to use the shuffle option after i read all the recent home paged posts. I'm conflicted about leaving comments on those because they're old but i go ahead anyways.

We use the internet for research to help make the paper though

I hope you know that everytime you make a mistake when typing on a typewriter, you have to go back over the mistake with correction fluid and retype over it. That would be SUCH a pain since I make stupid typing mistakes all the time. Seriously, even typing this comment required using the backspace button about 10 times. Imagine writing an essay like that! No thanks, I like my word processor.

@INomOnBabies But some typewriters have that built in! Like they have a backspace button!

Yeah, the button goes over the mistake with Wite-Out and you still have to retype over it. All I'm saying is that it would still be a pain because I'm not the world's best typer.

Theres this thing thats been out for years now called self-control. And no, Apple doesnt sell it.

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