If you knew the date you would die you would throw yourself off a skyscraper before it just to see what would happen, amirite?

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You can't throw yourself off a skyscraper and walk away without a scratch, even if you survive. I'd rather live the rest of my life with all bones and systems intact if you don't mind.

You would die.

You'd miraculously survive, but barely living. And why would you be 100% sure that the day predicted was the right day?

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You'd become a vegetable. Also, that date is based on the current time line, not taking into account the 5th dimension, which is ll the possible time lines from any moment forth, and the date would only be the most probable thing. The future is changed by observation. (This is quantum physics so it'll be easier to understand if you watch some videos first.) There are many time lines branching out form the current moment and the date of your death is not absolute.

tl;dr the future can change

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