If you don't take a few minutes out of your day to make someone else's better, what's the fucking point of taking up space on this planet? Amirite?

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This is the most stupid fucking argument I've ever heard.

"If you don't earn at least a penny every day what's the point of living?"
"If you don't gain muscle or lose fat a little bit every day what's the point of living?"
"If you don't eat your favourite meal at least once every day what's the point of living?"

No. Just because it's a good thing or a nice thing doesn't mean you need it every day just to exist. What the fuck. Nothing more than breathing needs to be done every day. Nothing else.

To enjoy it?

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Quite frankly, I live for myself, not other people.

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It would take you barely any time at all to tell that quiet kid in the back "you have really pretty eyes!" but they'll remember you said it everytime they see you. The only thing that feels better than having someone make your day, is making someone else's!

I don't know repopulate, have fun, succeed. Oh and it's nearly impossible to make someone feel better every day.

I mean we should be nice to be people but that's such a stupid thing to say.

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