It is not okay for my school to make "Kony day" a part of spirit week. This basically says that in order to have school spirit, you must support this one political issue. Schools are not allowed to do stuff like that, amirite?

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"Kony Day"? It sounds like you guys are celebrating him.

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It sounds like he's running for president or something.

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That's really not okay. The school is telling kids what they should think.

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What do you do for your spirit weeks? Does everybody dress up? If so, you should wear a shirt that depicts the creator of that video masturbating in public. That deserves just as much of a campaign as Kony does.

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Well it's one thing to have a day in the middle of the school year, but I don't agree with putting it in our school spirit week

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I have a teacher who was involved with Invisible Children even before the video. She always wants to talk about the uses of language in the video, but if we say anything that might be construed as negative (e.g. the part at the end sounds like an advertisement), she gets mad and says, "I'm not talking about social constructs, I'm talking about morality!"

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It's just like making a day supporting any other cause, like wearing pink for breast cancer, you just don't agree with this one. Also, there's nobody forcing you to do it.

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No one said you have to participate. I'm not saying it's right for them to do that, but taking it to another level by claiming "...in order to have school spirit, you must support this one political issue" is a bit too far.

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School spirit is political itself.

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