when you think about it, the spongebob episode where they have a panty raid at mr.krabs mom's house, is actually very inappropriate for a kids show. amirite?

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You don't have to think about it much, I mean come on, it's panty raiding...

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Actually, Spongebob was initially supposed to be an adult show until the producers changed it to be a children's show.

To be fair, watching those older episodes again recently made me realise that a lot of them were inappropriate. I mean, "When in doubt, pinky out"? Really Patrick? Really?

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When you think about it, most of the Spongebob episodes are inappropriate for kids.

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I dig Sponge Bob but that episode was TOTALLY GROSS! Showing it at 9am on Nick. I mean come on who do they think is watching?!! My 5 yr old was yelling "MOM, we are going on a panty raid!" Sounds all cute & funny till they do it at school & your the embarrassed one having to explain to parents & teachers! Keep it clean if it's airing in the am for the kiddos.

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