You rather complete all/most of the the work in a group project by yourself and have to share a great grade with your group members than divide the work evenly, have them do a half-assed job on their parts of the project and share a mediocre grade, amirite?

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Eh, I'm kind of spiteful. If I'm in a group that's doing nothing and I care about the project, I become a bit of a dictator. Once we were working on something relating to a book we were supposed to read over the summer. Someone in my group said he couldn't do any work because he hadn't read it. I made him start reading it in class...

I hate when people get a grade they don't deserve from my hard work. If I see half ass work I'll probably go back and get it fixed. Depending on what the project is, and who my partners are.

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Story of my life.

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