It would be interesting if texting was like draw something, where the person receiving the text was allowed to see what letters appeared on the text from start to finish. For example, you might see "I HATE YOUR GUTS, YOU'RE SUCH A SLUT" deleted and replaced with "k." It'd allow you to really get to know the person you were texting, amirite?

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I'd have to practice texting if this were to go down.

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It'd be cool too, though, if you could turn it on and off. Then if you turned it off for yourself (so the other person couldn't see what you wrote beforehand), you also wouldn't be able to see what the other person wrote beforehand.

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@acisseJ Why would anyone turn it on then?

It just allows people to see your thought process. Idk, I think watching people mess up would be pretty entertaining!

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i would have no fucking friends. not that i have many anyway, but my "best friends" would know just how i feel about them, and it would be just along the lines of those on the post.

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