There are some people who text you and you're like, "Well, this person seems dapper enough and I have clever response to their greeting but I need to assert my alpha status and wait a little before I respond." But if you receive a text from your crush you forget all that shit and respond immediately, amirite?

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Nah, I text just about everyone back right away, unless I actually just don't want to talk to them. For me it's telling myself I won't text my crush right back, but then I always do.

How long it takes me to reply to my crush entirely depends on how long they took to reply to me.

Sadly I'm starting to forget this feeling because I haven't had a crush in a pretty long time haha

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I try to be clever too much and just end up sounding like someone from the 1800's with a mental deficiency. Then I don't get a text back and I have to force myself to not send a million messages.

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Usually I wait a little bit if he texts me so I don't seem desperate...


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There's a button for that.

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Surely if you use the word 'crush' you're too young to have a phone?

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